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About us

Design & Build Workplace Magic

We are a Workplace Design & Build Specialist with 15 years of experience – Paris | 2006.

As a full service design & build general contractor, we are able to integrate all services delivering a key hand solution and also quite used to operate in a singular and particular project phase, from concept and architectural design to full construction and tailored solutions including furniture.

Attentive to changes and evolution in working methods in companies, BMA Group is committed to find the best solutions that go according to our partners needs, at the right price.

Our integrated set of Services that aim to support partners strategy by developing the best, sustainable and innovative solutions are in specific:
1. Fit-Out Consultancy
2. Workspace Management
3. Space Planning
4. Interior Design
5. Fit-Out Works
6. Furniture Solutions

Surpassing the 25 Mio€ Turnover target in 2019, 35 direct People and above 4.000 Projects executed, the ambition continues to be strenghtening our customer and people satisfation, solidificating our key advantages:
A. Single Contact Point
B. Needs Understanding
C. Accurate Planning
D. Proper and Good Design
E. Adequate Budgeting
F. Tailored Solutions

From Tenant to Landords, we want to continue to Design & Build Magic Workplaces in a Magical way, from December 2020 now in Lisbon!

Welcome to our

Lisboa Magic Place

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Key Figures

What we accomplished together



Turnover in 2019, with an increasing trend over last years


People Direct

From Architects, Interior Designers, Forman and Project Managers


Projects Executed

With aprox. 30 projects running at the same time, in different phases