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Furniture Solutions

Workplace Magic

Creator and Manufacturer
of tailor-made Furniture

BMA Group is a distributor of major brands of furniture and lighting. For the sake of personalization and optimization of spaces, our designers also offer tailor-made solutions that give a unique identity to the places and personalization.

Different ranges of designer and quality furniture or personalized creations are available or developed, according to budget and needs. Upon delivery, our specialized assemblers ensure installation and finishing for a result up to the project.

Workplace Magic

Innovative and Competent
Partners Networks

BMA Group is known on stablishing fruitful partnerships to reach each project ambition. Competitive at delivery time and good quality standard, BMA Group stablish new rules of execution at the right price.

Tailored Professional Solutions

Based on company’s needs in terms of design, image, budget, deadline and in line with project specifications

Strong Partners Network

Feasibility plans, production and installation of every space type as reception areas, workspaces, meeting rooms, cafeterias, relaxing and socializing areas

Optimization, Mobility and Image

Privilege practical, flexible and stylish solutions as project stands for


Is a solid surface that allows the execution of any type of project to measure. All the sustainable properties of this material were designed with the aim of preserving, caring for and improving the world. For Krion, it is essential to maintain quality, safety and the differentiating promise in each of its new creations.