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More Magic in Lisboa

More Magic in Lisboa for all types of Office!

It wasn’t the pandemic times that scared BMA Group Paris to continue designing and building magical workspaces in a magical way, now in Lisbon.

After approximately one year of market evaluation and preparation of the company to guarantee from the first day the confidence that is already known in Paris, a city of the greatest European references in the office market, where it already has 15 years of experience and more than 4,000 projects executed, the company opened its doors in Portugal at the end of December!

We are proud to introduce BMA Group Lisboa to everyone, especially at such an unexpected moment, revealing a strong ambition and belief in the Office market in Lisbon!”, says Hugo Braz, Managing Partner of the company. “In reality, the pandemic ended up reconfirming the importance of having a company totally specialized in Design & Construction of Office Spaces in the city. As a general contractor who dominates the entire Development Chain, we are able to integrate all services to offer a turnkey solution.

Aware of the changes and evolution of working methods in companies, BMA Group is focused on finding the best solutions according to the needs of different types of partners, at the right price. The Portuguese capital company will focus its activities on developing the best sustainable and innovative solutions, namely in terms of Fit-Out Consultancy, Workspace Management, Space Planning, Interior Design, Fit-Out Works and Furniture Solutions.

Having exceeded the target of 25 Mio € of Turnover in 2019, the ambition of the BMA Group continues to be to strengthen the satisfaction of its customers and its people, solidifying its main advantages: A Point of Contact, Understanding of Needs , Precise Planning, Proper Design, Appropriate Budget and Customized Solutions.

From the tenant to the landlord, we want to continue to design and build magical workplaces in a magical way, now in Lisbon!”, Says Hugo Braz. “Expectations could not be more positive because we have the opportunity to have 3 projects already underway, which makes everyone in the company very happy.

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